"The local's Favorite "

Jill BryantBryant

Two years later and still Lyons Strong

Two years have passed since the terrible floods from the Fall of 2013 tore through this tiny town at the base of the foothills along the front range. Home to a river community which cherishes it's natural resources and embellishes it's beauty and serenity.  Home to a community that makes music on it's banks and swims in the refreshing ripples of coolness to beat the summers heat. What once appeared as a mild flowing "Creek" became a  "Raging River" of epic proportions with destruction and chaos leaving residence homeless and fearful.

‚ÄčThe folks from Lyons found strength in community and began to rebuild. "Lyons Strong" became the cry of the locals as they picked up the pieces and began to look to the future of an even better and stronger  community. 

With the help of the Federal, State and local governments, an "Army Corp of Engineers" began the challenged task of rebuilding the roads and securing the banks of the river. Monumental reconstruction of the highways and bridges meant the life line and pathways home were once again open and the town began to breath.

The stores re-opened and the brewers brewed beer again. The musicians returned with their guitars and fiddles and the sound of music was back with a story. A story to tell of the peaceful community once riddle by rainfall and trashed by the floods was back to it's feet and open for business. The tourist came back and healing was slow but the spirit of Lyons would never let go.  "Lyons Strong" was deep in the soul of a community with good people and the will to live and enjoy the place they call home.