Truly a topic none of us ever want to  have to think about. We get married because we want to spend the rest of our lives with our partner, "till death do us part"

But the sad truth is that it does happen and our lives do change.  At that moment when you are in this situation you feel so alone. Families will blame, children will be confused and your whole life will appear as if you have failed.


You don't have to feel that way and you're not alone. It's a horrible thing to have to experience and it' can be very traumatizing to a family. 

BUT wait,  It doesn't have to  be that way. 

You both have come to the point that you realize that it is just not working out and you cannot continue this path of discomfort so you make the decision.

Now what do you do? So many questions, so many decisions and all at a time when your emotions are peaking. Step back, breathe and try to relax. One step at a time and soon this will all pass and you both will begin your new lives and begin to feel happy about yourself again.   RIght??? It sure doesn't feel that way, But it will..

Step 1  Understanding your options and how to move forward.

 at COLORADO DIVORCE ANGELS we are that source of support. We understand what you're going through and have a team of counselors and professionals that specialize in this situation. A Neutral party that will be there to help mediate and move the process along.  Dealing with the family home and the finances is a part of our  program.  We help you understand your options so that you are properly informed and you can make these decisions knowing  all the options that are available to you.  our goal is to help mediate a solution that takes away  some of the stress involved. We want you both to be able to move on and create a new life that you can be at peace with. We want to make sure that in a family environment, the children's best interest are taken care of and that soon they too can be happy  in their new homes.  when a relationship turns  and the environment changes our children are effected by this and it can be very hard on them. Creating a new set of homes and a happier environment might just be the best thing you can do for your children . Most importantly  though is your own well being  and happiness. You have to be there for your children and the best way is to be happy  with who you are.  This will create that positive environment they need for a healthy childhood and you too will be in a better place.

So please feel free to call and get some of the answers to your questions.

We're about support, solutions and a new beginning

You're not alone we can help!

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